It’s not your feed that’s toxic, it’s your friends.

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‘Social media is toxic’, ‘Social media has made society worse’, ‘Social media has created more divide’ — how many times have you read this viral post from a average person trying to sound deep?

Screenshot of a tweet from BIA saying ‘Social media is too toxic now’ on April 2nd, 2021
Sorry BIA, I’ve no clue who you are but you’re the first person who came up when I searched ‘Social media is toxic’ on social media.

‘But it’s true’ you say before you bring up Instagram to…

Critically acclaimed of this generation

The next generation of gaming is upon us. The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 is unleashed to the world, starting the journey of leaving this current generation behind.

This generation was weird. There were many remakes and remasters (I mean, the PS5 is launching with a remaster), which tells me that many people really weren’t ready to move on. I think back to PlayStation 2 and 3 eras, where there were brilliant games that experimented with the gaming consumption platform. Moving on to a PS4 I didn’t really feel a huge ‘upgrade’ in terms of the way I played…

“You can’t stop other people from reading that with you disagree with.” — Pierre Rochard on Noded 0.62.0

This is the opening quote of Paul Miller’s CyberDeck Users Weekly podcast episode called ‘Facts’ (yes I am quoting someone who is quoting someone else). Paul goes on to discuss what he believes is censorship and the philosophy behind it. The episode is a great listen if you’re into this stuff and I would highly recommend it.

As you might be aware, what feels like years ago but was only less than a month ago, Twitter decided to ‘fact check’ Donald Trump…

Player 3 has entered the game, and it’s still here 3 years down the line.

3 years ago today, the switch was released. I got my Switch back in early summer 2019 in the sale. I was pretty excited. It was my first Nintendo console in years — the last Nintendo console I had was the GameBoy Advance and the one before that was the SNES. I’ve always been a PlayStation gamer — I love the exclusives too much to ever stray away. Growing up, being the snotty teenager I was, Nintendo was for ‘casuals’, it wasn’t a ‘real’ console…


I was sitting in my room at Uni in 2016, up at 3am (the joys of events being held in the US and living in the UK) watching what I remember as one of the most exciting the Sony E3 shows. As a gamer and a Sony fanboy, Sony had really blown it out the park with the games announcements. I remember the opening scene of the a God of War demo, and Kratos coming into view, and the shouting of joy from those attending, and myself. I couldn’t contain the WHAAAAAAT because I had 0 indication a God of…

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